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Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda ‘My Coin’ in Spanish is the original coin Concept Jewellery Brand. Mi Moneda invented a unique pendant in order to change the Moneda’s (coins) and thus creating a new look easily.

Mi Moneda is a fashionable and luxurious brand inspired by vintage coins and combines high style jewellery with ancient spiritual ideas. The unique interchangeable pendant, designed to change coins, makes it possible to create a personal necklace.

In ancient Egypt coins were used as amulets, made to wear close to the heart and with a special meaning. In 2009 a young Dutch couple with a passion for coins decided to turn this spiritual thought into fashionable and stylish jewellery. Mi Moneda was born. With overwhelming success, the necklaces were quickly picked up by stylists and celebs throughout the world. The meaningful, personal and changeable necklaces stole the hearts of many.
Mi Moneda offers handmade Jewellery with symbols of love, hope and strength. Stylish, luxurious, and glamorous but always personal with a special meaning.

Mi Moneda offers a diverse collection of Moneda’s with inspirational inscriptions or spiritual meanings, wearable on two sides. Next to the meaningful Moneda’s you can also wear your pendant with Moneda’s in trendy & colourful designs and rich materials to match your outfit, mood or occasion.


Mi Moneda are also the first coin brand to be nominated for The Retail Jeweller UK Jewellery Brand of the Year Award 2014. 

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